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Magnum::Primitives::Cube class

3D cube primitive


2x2x2 cube.

Public static functions

static auto solid() -> Trade::MeshData3D
Solid cube.
static auto solidStrip() -> Trade::MeshData3D
Solid cube as a single strip.
static auto wireframe() -> Trade::MeshData3D
Wireframe cube.

Function documentation

static Trade::MeshData3D Magnum::Primitives::Cube::solid()

Solid cube.

Indexed MeshPrimitive::Triangles with flat normals.

static Trade::MeshData3D Magnum::Primitives::Cube::solidStrip()

Solid cube as a single strip.

Non-indexed MeshPrimitive::TriangleStrip. Just positions, no normals or anything else.

static Trade::MeshData3D Magnum::Primitives::Cube::wireframe()

Wireframe cube.

Indexed MeshPrimitive::Lines.