template<UnsignedInt dimensions>
Magnum::Shapes::Box class

Unit-size box with assigned transformation matrix.

Unit-size means that half extents are equal to 1, equivalent to e.g. sphere radius. See Collision detection for brief introduction.

Public types

enum (anonymous): UnsignedInt { Dimensions = dimensions }

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Box() constexpr
Default constructor.
Box(const MatrixTypeFor<dimensions, Float>& transformation) constexpr

Public functions

auto transformed(const MatrixTypeFor<dimensions, Float>& matrix) const -> Box<dimensions>
Transformed shape.
auto transformation() const -> MatrixTypeFor<dimensions, Float> constexpr
void setTransformation(const MatrixTypeFor<dimensions, Float>& transformation)
Set transformation.

Enum documentation

template<UnsignedInt dimensions>
enum Magnum::Shapes::Box<dimensions>::(anonymous): UnsignedInt


Dimension count

Function documentation

template<UnsignedInt dimensions>
Magnum::Shapes::Box<dimensions>::Box() constexpr

Default constructor.

Creates zero-sized box positioned at origin.