Magnum::Shapes::Plane class

Infinite plane, defined by position and normal (3D only)

Unlike other elements the plane expects uniform scaling. See Collision detection for brief introduction.

Public types

enum (anonymous): UnsignedInt { Dimensions = 3 }

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

Plane() constexpr
Default constructor.
Plane(const Vector3& position, const Vector3& normal) constexpr

Public functions

auto transformed(const Matrix4& matrix) const -> Plane
Transformed shape.
auto position() const -> Vector3 constexpr
void setPosition(const Vector3& position)
Set position.
auto normal() const -> Vector3 constexpr
void setNormal(const Vector3& normal)
Set normal.
auto operator%(const Line3D& other) const -> bool
Collision occurence with line.
auto operator%(const LineSegment3D& other) const -> bool
Collision occurence with line segment.

Enum documentation

enum Magnum::Shapes::Plane::(anonymous): UnsignedInt


Dimension count

Function documentation

Magnum::Shapes::Plane::Plane() constexpr

Default constructor.

Creates plane with zero-sized normal at origin.