Welcome to the exciting new Python-flavored future of Magnum! Have fun, but please note this functionality is heavily experimental at the moment. Most APIs are missing, documentation is very sparse and everything is still evolving. Use at your own risk. Search and name cross-linking is not working yet, sorry about that.


  • module corrade Root Corrade module
  • module magnum Root Magnum module
    • module math Math library
    • module gl OpenGL wrapping layer
    • module meshtools Mesh tools
    • module platform Platform-specific application and context creation
      • module egl EGL-based platform integration
      • module glfw GLFW-based platform integration
      • module glx GLX-based platform integration
      • module sdl2 SDL2-based platform integration
    • module primitives Primitive library
    • module shaders Builtin shaders
    • module scenegraph Scene graph library
      • module matrix General matrix-based scene graph implementation
      • module trs Translation/rotation/scaling-based scene graph implementation
    • module trade Data format exchange