Welcome to Python-flavored Magnum! Please note that, while already being rather stable, this functionality is still considered experimental and some APIs might get changed without preserving full backwards compatibility.

magnum.gl.Texture1D class

One-dimensional texture

Static methods

def unbind(arg0: int, /) -> None
Unbind any texture from given texture unit


def bind(self, arg0: int, /) -> None
Bind texture to given texture unit
def generate_mipmap(self, /) -> None
Generate mipmap
def image_size(self, level: int) -> int
Image size in given mip level
def invalidate_image(self, level: int) -> None
Invalidate texture image
def invalidate_sub_image(self, level: int, offset: int, size: int) -> None
Invalidate texture subimage
def set_image(self, level: int, internal_format: TextureFormat, image: ImageView1D) -> None
Set image data
def set_storage(self, levels: int, internal_format: TextureFormat, size: int) -> None
Set storage
def set_sub_image(self, level: int, offset: int, image: ImageView1D) -> None
Set image subdata

Special methods

def __init__(self, /) -> None


base_level: int set
Base mip level
border_color: object set
Border color
compare_function: SamplerCompareFunction set
Depth texture comparison function
compare_mode: SamplerCompareMode set
Depth texture comparison mode
depth_stencil_mode: SamplerDepthStencilMode set
Depth/stencil texture mode
id: int get
OpenGL texture ID
lod_bias: float set
Level-of-detail bias
magnification_filter: object set
Magnification filter
max_anisotropy: float set
Max anisotropy
max_level: int set
Max mip level
max_lod: float set
Maximum level-of-detail
min_lod: float set
Minimum level-of-detail
minification_filter: object set
Minification filter
srgb_decode: bool set
sRGB decoding
wrapping: object set

Property documentation

magnum.gl.Texture1D.magnification_filter: object set

Magnification filter

See Texture2D.magnification_filter for more information.

magnum.gl.Texture1D.minification_filter: object set

Minification filter

See Texture2D.minification_filter for more information.