Welcome to Python-flavored Magnum! Please note that, while already being rather stable, this functionality is still considered experimental and some APIs might get changed without preserving full backwards compatibility.


  • module corrade Root Corrade module
  • module magnum Root Magnum module
    • module math Math library
    • module gl OpenGL wrapping layer
    • module meshtools Mesh tools
    • module platform Platform-specific application and context creation
      • module egl EGL-based platform integration
      • module glfw GLFW-based platform integration
      • module glx GLX-based platform integration
      • module sdl2 SDL2-based platform integration
    • module primitives Primitive library
    • module shaders Builtin shaders
    • module scenegraph Scene graph library
      • module matrix General matrix-based scene graph implementation
      • module trs Translation/rotation/scaling-based scene graph implementation
    • module scenetools Scene manipulation and optimization tools
    • module text Text rendering
    • module trade Data format exchange