Corrade/Containers/StridedDimensions.h file new in Git master

Class Corrade::Containers::StridedDimensions, alias Corrade::Containers::Size, Corrade::Containers::Stride, typedef Corrade::Containers::Size1D, Corrade::Containers::Size2D, Corrade::Containers::Size3D, Corrade::Containers::Size4D, Corrade::Containers::Stride1D, Corrade::Containers::Stride2D, Corrade::Containers::Stride3D, Corrade::Containers::Stride4D.


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Containers
Container implementations.


template<unsigned dimensions, class T>
class Corrade::Containers::StridedDimensions new in 2019.10
Multi-dimensional size and stride for StridedArrayView and StridedBitArrayView.


template<unsigned dimensions>
using Size = StridedDimensions<dimensions, std::size_t> new in Git master
Multi-dimensional size for StridedArrayView.
using Size1D = Size<1> new in Git master
Size for StridedArrayView1D.
using Size2D = Size<2> new in Git master
Size for StridedArrayView2D.
using Size3D = Size<3> new in Git master
Size for StridedArrayView3D.
using Size4D = Size<4> new in Git master
Size for StridedArrayView4D.
template<unsigned dimensions>
using Stride = StridedDimensions<dimensions, std::ptrdiff_t> new in Git master
Multi-dimensional stride for StridedArrayView.
using Stride1D = Stride<1> new in Git master
Stride for StridedArrayView1D.
using Stride2D = Stride<2> new in Git master
Stride for StridedArrayView2D.
using Stride3D = Stride<3> new in Git master
Stride for StridedArrayView3D.
using Stride4D = Stride<4> new in Git master
Stride for StridedArrayView4D.