People and organizations that contributed to Corrade.

Listing only people with code contributions or other significant work, because otherwise there's too many :) There's also a list of third party components with their license info. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Is the below list missing your name or something's wrong? Let us know!

  • Alexander F Rødseth (@xyproto) — packages in the ArchLinux community repository
  • Alexey Yurchenko (@alexesDev) — static analyis, bug reports
  • Allie (@bowling-allie) — improvements to the Emscripten CMake toolchain
  • @biosek — MinGW compilation fixes
  • David Lin (@davll) — initial macOS port
  • Chris Chambers (@chris-chambers) — interfacing Utility::Debug with std::ostream operators
  • Cong Xie (@xiconxi) — buildsystem fixes
  • @DJQuardaboff — Investigation into undoing horrible crimes done by windows.h
  • Eliot Saba (@staticfloat) — macOS buildsystem fixes
  • Erik Wijmans (@erikwijmans) — compilation fixes on GNU C++
  • Fred Helmesjö (@helmesjo) — Conan package
  • Guillaume Jacquemin (@williamjcm) — MSYS2 packages
  • Ivan Sanz Carasa (@isc30) — Emscripten toolchain improvements
  • Jackson Campolattaro (@JacksonCampolattaro) — documentation improvements
  • Jakob Weiss (@TheHugeManatee) — Stateful lambda support in the Interconnect library
  • @jaynus — MSVC compilation fixes
  • Jonathan Hale (@Squareys) — Utility::Sha1 additions, various fixes, buildsystem improvements
  • Marco Melorio (@Melix19) — iOS crosscompiling and other fixes
  • Max Schwarz (@xqms) — thread-local Utility::Debug scoped output redirection and coloring, documentation fixes
  • Michael "Croydon" Keck (@Croydon) — Conan package
  • Michael Dietschi (@mdietsch) — support for colored output in Win32 console
  • Michael Tao (@mtao) — Gentoo build fixes
  • Nathan Ollerenshaw (@matjam) — Ubuntu packages in a PPA repository
  • Nicholas "LB" Branden (@LB–) — bugfixes, design suggestions
  • Olga Turanksaya (@olga-python) — gentoo ebuild
  • Pascal Thomet (@pthom) — Hunter package
  • @pkubaj — fixes for big-endian platforms
  • @sigman78 — initial MSVC 2017 port, Vcpkg packages
  • Tracy Ma (@linuxaged) — UWP build fixes
  • @xantares — Windows port improvements