Corrade::Containers::Literals namespace new in Git master

Container literals.

Literals for easy construction of string views. The namespace is further split to prevent potential ambiguity and conflicts with literals defined by other code, but the second namespace level is inline so to get the string literals you can do either of these two:

using namespace Containers::Literals;
using namespace Containers::Literals::StringLiterals;

This library is built if CORRADE_WITH_UTILITY is enabled when building Corrade. To use this library with CMake, request the Containers component of the Corrade package and link to the Corrade::Containers target:

find_package(Corrade REQUIRED Containers)

# ...
target_link_libraries(your-app PRIVATE Corrade::Containers)

Parts of this library are additionally available in a form of single-header libraries. See also Downloading and building Corrade and Using Corrade with CMake for more information.


namespace StringLiterals new in Git master
Container string literals.