Corrade::Containers::Literals namespace new in Git master

Container literals.

Literals for easy construction of string views.

This library is built if CORRADE_WITH_UTILITY is enabled when building Corrade. To use this library with CMake, request the Containers component of the Corrade package and link to the Corrade::Containers target:

find_package(Corrade REQUIRED Containers)

# ...
target_link_libraries(your-app PRIVATE Corrade::Containers)

Parts of this library are additionally available in a form of single-header libraries. See also Downloading and building Corrade and Using Corrade with CMake for more information.


auto operator""_s(const char* data, std::size_t size) -> StringView constexpr new in Git master
String view literal.

Function documentation

StringView Corrade::Containers::Literals::operator""_s(const char* data, std::size_t size) constexpr new in Git master

String view literal.

The returned instance has both StringViewFlag::Global and StringViewFlag::NullTerminated set. See Usage for more information.