Corrade::TestSuite namespace

Test suite.


Testing and benchmarking framework. See Testing and benchmarking for more information.

This library is built if WITH_TESTSUITE is enabled when building Corrade. To use this library with CMake, you need to request the TestSuite component of the Corrade package and link to the Corrade::TestSuite target:

find_package(Corrade REQUIRED TestSuite)

# ...
target_link_libraries(your-app Corrade::TestSuite)

See also Downloading and building Corrade and Using Corrade with CMake for more information.


namespace Compare
Various test suite comparison helpers.


template<class T>
class Comparator
Default comparator implementation.
class Comparator<double>
Fuzzy-compare for double values.
class Comparator<float>
Fuzzy-compare for float values.
class Tester
Base class for tests and benchmarks.