template<class T>
Corrade::Cpu::TypeTraits struct

Traits class for CPU detection tag types.

Useful for detecting tag properties at compile time without the need for repeated code such as method overloading, cascaded ifs or template specializations for all tag types. All tag types in the Cpu namespace have this class implemented.

Public types

enum (anonymous): unsigned int { Index }

Public static functions

static auto name() -> const char*
Tag name.

Enum documentation

template<class T>
enum Corrade::Cpu::TypeTraits<T>::(anonymous): unsigned int


Tag-specific index. Implementation-defined, is unique among all tags on given platform.

Function documentation

template<class T>
static const char* Corrade::Cpu::TypeTraits<T>::name()

Tag name.

Returns a string representation of the tag, such as "Avx2" for Avx2.