Magnum/Trade/AnimationData.h file

Class Magnum::Trade::AnimationTrackData, Magnum::Trade::AnimationData, enum Magnum::Trade::AnimationTrackType, Magnum::Trade::AnimationTrackTarget, function Magnum::Trade::animationInterpolatorFor()


namespace Magnum
Root namespace.
namespace Magnum::Trade
Data format exchange.


class Magnum::Trade::AnimationTrackData
Animation track data.
class Magnum::Trade::AnimationData
Animation clip data.


enum class AnimationTrackType: UnsignedByte { Bool = 1, Float, UnsignedInt, Int, BitVector2 new in Git master, BoolVector2 = BitVector2 deprecated in Git master, BitVector3 new in Git master, BoolVector3 = BitVector3 deprecated in Git master, BitVector4 new in Git master, BoolVector4 = BitVector4 deprecated in Git master, Vector2, Vector2ui, Vector2i, Vector3, Vector3ui, Vector3i, Vector4, Vector4ui, Vector4i, Complex, Quaternion, DualQuaternion, CubicHermite1D, CubicHermite2D, CubicHermite3D, CubicHermiteComplex, CubicHermiteQuaternion }
Type of animation track data.
enum class AnimationTrackTarget: UnsignedShort { Translation2D = 1, Translation3D, Rotation2D, Rotation3D, Scaling2D, Scaling3D, Custom = Implementation::AnimationTrackTargetCustom deprecated in Git master }
Target of an animation track.


using AnimationTrackTargetType = AnimationTrackTarget deprecated in Git master
Target of an animation track.


auto operator<<(Debug& debug, AnimationTrackType value) -> Debug&
Debug output operator.
auto animationTrackTypeSize(AnimationTrackType type) -> UnsignedInt new in Git master
Size of given animation track data type.
auto animationTrackTypeAlignment(AnimationTrackType type) -> UnsignedInt new in Git master
Alignment of given animation track data type.
auto operator<<(Debug& debug, AnimationTrackTarget value) -> Debug&
Debug output operator.
auto isAnimationTrackTargetCustom(AnimationTrackTarget name) -> bool constexpr new in Git master
Whether a target for an animation track is custom.
auto animationTrackTargetCustom(UnsignedShort id) -> AnimationTrackTarget constexpr new in Git master
Create a custom target for an animation track.
auto animationTrackTargetCustom(AnimationTrackTarget name) -> UnsignedShort constexpr new in Git master
Get index of a custom target for an animation track.
template<class V, class R = Animation::ResultOf<V>>
auto animationInterpolatorFor(Animation::Interpolation interpolation) -> auto
Animation interpolator function for given interpolation behavior.