People and organizations that contributed to Magnum.

Listing only people with code contributions or other significant work, because otherwise there's too many :) There's also a similar list for Corrade and a list of third party components with their license info. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Are the below lists missing your name or something's wrong? Let us know!

  • Alan Jefferson (@alanjfs) — extensive usability and first-time-use feedback
  • @Alan-FGR — documentation fixes
  • Alexander F Rødseth (@xyproto) — packages in the ArchLinux community repository
  • Alexey Yurchenko (@alexesDev) — static analyis, bug reports
  • Alice Margatroid (@Alicemargatroid) — Multi-channel support in the Audio library, standard conformance; float, double, A-Law and μ-Law format support in the WavAudioImporter plugin
  • Andy Somogyi (@andysomogyi) — bugreports, API design improvement suggestions
  • @ArEnSc — initial implementation of windowless applications under macOS, macOS port improvements
  • Ashwin Ravichandran (@ashrko619) — Bézier curve implementation
  • Bill Robinson (@wivlaro) — numerous bug reports, macOS fixes, feature improvements
  • @biosek — documentation fixes
  • Borislav Stanimirov (@iboB) — strict weak ordering for Math types
  • Cameron Egbert (@cegbertOculus) — fixes to Windows HiDPI support
  • Daniel Bloor (@Bluer01) — setting old code on fire
  • Daniel Guzman (@roig) — improvements to ResourceManager
  • Denis Igorevich Lobanov (@denislobanov) — math fixes
  • @dlardi — WGL-related bugfixes
  • Eliot Saba (@staticfloat) — macOS-related updates to Platform::GlfwApplication
  • Émile Grégoire (@emgre) — documentation updates, algorithm bugfixes
  • Erik Wijmans (@erikwijmans) — NVidia-specific workarounds for headless EGL contexts
  • Florian Goujeon (@fgoujeon) — iOS fixes in the Shaders library
  • Gerhard de Clercq — Windows RT (Store/Phone) port
  • Guillaume Giraud (@Guillaume227) — algorithm bugfixes
  • Guillaume Jacquemin (@williamjcm) — MSYS2 packages, additions to Audio, Platform::Sdl2Application and Platform::GlfwApplication, base-wxwidgets bootstrap project
  • Hilario Pérez Corona (@hpcorona) — improvements to android_create_apk()
  • Ivan P. (@uzername) — documentation improvements
  • Jan Dupal (@JanDupal) — Homebrew package for magnum-bindings
  • Jonathan Hale (@Squareys) — Audio library enhancements, Platform::GlfwApplication and Platform::EmscriptenApplication implementation, frustum and cone culling, bug reports, Windows build improvements, documentation improvements and tons of other stuff
  • Joel Clay (@jclay) — Vcpkg packages
  • Konstantinos Chatzilygeroudis (@costashatz) — Debian package
  • Krzysztof Szenk (@Crisspl) — math fixes
  • Leon Moctezuma (@leonidax) — bugreports, API design direction
  • Mandeep Singh Baines (@msbaines) — WebGL 2 build fixes
  • Max Schwarz (@xqms) — Any* plugin improvements, fixes in the GL library
  • Michael Tao (@mtao) — Gentoo build fixes
  • Miguel Martin (@miguelmartin75) — initial macOS port, various other improvements
  • Nathan Ollerenshaw (@matjam) — Ubuntu packages in a PPA repository
  • Nick Skelsey (@NSkelsey) — documentation copy-editing
  • Nicholas "LB" Branden (@LB–) — warning fixes, Windows buildsystem improvements
  • Olga Turanksaya (@olga-python) — Gentoo ebuild
  • Pascal Thomet (@pthom) — C++17 compilation fixes, buildsystem improvements, Hunter package
  • Sam Spilsbury (@smspillaz) — WebGL and GLES fixes
  • Samuel Kogler (@skogler) — Platform::GlfwApplication crash fixes
  • @Selot — Fixes in the base-qt bootstrap project
  • Séverin Lemaignan (@severin-lemaignan) — lots of feedback and bug reports for the initial releases
  • @sigman78 — Initial MSVC 2017 port, Vcpkg packages
  • Siim Kallas (@seemk) — Platform::Sdl2Application improvements, bugfixes
  • Steeve Morin (@steeve) — iOS buildsystem improvements
  • Stefan Wasilewski (@smw) — macOS port improvements
  • Thibault Jochem (@Tryum) — Platform::GlfwApplication improvements
  • Thomas Tissot-Dupont (@dolphineye) — OpenGL ES compatiblity improvements
  • Travis Watkins (@amaranth) — support for windowless applications under macOS

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