Magnum/Animation/Easing.h file

Namespace Magnum::Animation::Easing.


namespace Magnum
Root namespace.
namespace Magnum::Animation
Keyframe-based animation.
namespace Magnum::Animation::Easing
Easing functions.


auto linear(Float t) -> Float
auto step(Float t) -> Float
auto smoothstep(Float t) -> Float
auto smootherstep(Float t) -> Float
auto quadraticIn(Float t) -> Float
Quadratic in.
auto quadraticOut(Float t) -> Float
Quadratic out.
auto quadraticInOut(Float t) -> Float
Quadratic in and out.
auto cubicIn(Float t) -> Float
Cubic in.
auto cubicOut(Float t) -> Float
Cubic out.
auto cubicInOut(Float t) -> Float
Cubic in and out.
auto quarticIn(Float t) -> Float
Quartic in.
auto quarticOut(Float t) -> Float
Quartic out.
auto quarticInOut(Float t) -> Float
Quartic in and out.
auto quinticIn(Float t) -> Float
Quintic in.
auto quinticOut(Float t) -> Float
Quintic out.
auto quinticInOut(Float t) -> Float
Quintic in and out.
auto sineIn(Float t) -> Float
Sine in.
auto sineOut(Float t) -> Float
Sine out.
auto sineInOut(Float t) -> Float
Sine in and out.
auto circularIn(Float t) -> Float
Circular in.
auto circularOut(Float t) -> Float
Circular out.
auto circularInOut(Float t) -> Float
Circular in and out.
auto exponentialIn(Float t) -> Float
Exponential in.
auto exponentialOut(Float t) -> Float
Exponential out.
auto exponentialInOut(Float t) -> Float
Exponential in and out.
auto elasticIn(Float t) -> Float
Elastic in.
auto elasticOut(Float t) -> Float
Elastic out.
auto elasticInOut(Float t) -> Float
Elastic in and out.
auto backIn(Float t) -> Float
Back in.
auto backOut(Float t) -> Float
Back out.
auto backInOut(Float t) -> Float
Back in and out.
auto bounceIn(Float t) -> Float
Bounce in.
auto bounceOut(Float t) -> Float
Bounce out.
auto bounceInOut(Float t) -> Float
Bounce in and out.