Magnum/Trade/MeshData.h file new in 2020.06

Class Magnum::Trade::MeshData, Magnum::Trade::MeshIndexData, Magnum::Trade::MeshAttributeData, enum Magnum::Trade::MeshAttribute, function Magnum::Trade::isMeshAttributeCustom(), Magnum::Trade::meshAttributeCustom()


namespace Magnum
Root namespace.
namespace Magnum::Trade
Data format exchange.


class Magnum::Trade::MeshIndexData new in 2020.06
Mesh index data.
class Magnum::Trade::MeshAttributeData new in 2020.06
Mesh attribute data.
class Magnum::Trade::MeshData new in 2020.06
Mesh data.


enum class MeshAttribute: UnsignedShort { Position = 1, Tangent, Bitangent, Normal, TextureCoordinates, Color, JointIds new in Git master, Weights new in Git master, ObjectId } new in 2020.06
Mesh attribute name.


auto operator<<(Debug& debug, MeshAttribute value) -> Debug& new in 2020.06
Debug output operator.
auto isMeshAttributeCustom(MeshAttribute name) -> bool constexpr new in 2020.06
Whether a mesh attribute is custom.
auto meshAttributeCustom(UnsignedShort id) -> MeshAttribute constexpr new in 2020.06
Create a custom mesh attribute.
auto meshAttributeCustom(MeshAttribute name) -> UnsignedShort constexpr new in 2020.06
Get index of a custom mesh attribute.
auto meshAttributeDataNonOwningArray(Containers::ArrayView<const MeshAttributeData> view) -> Containers::Array<MeshAttributeData> new in 2020.06
Create a non-owning array of MeshAttributeData items.