Magnum/MeshTools/Copy.h file new in Git master

Function Magnum::MeshTools::copy(), Magnum::MeshTools::reference(), Magnum::MeshTools::mutableReference()


namespace Magnum
Root namespace.
namespace Magnum::MeshTools
Mesh tools.


auto copy(const Trade::MeshData& mesh) -> Trade::MeshData new in Git master
Make an owned copy of the mesh.
auto copy(Trade::MeshData&& mesh) -> Trade::MeshData new in Git master
Make a mesh with owned data.
auto reference(const Trade::MeshData& mesh) -> Trade::MeshData new in 2020.06
Create an immutable reference on a Trade::MeshData.
auto mutableReference(Trade::MeshData& mesh) -> Trade::MeshData new in 2020.06
Create a mutable reference on a Trade::MeshData.