Magnum::GL::AbstractObject class

Base for all OpenGL objects.

Derived classes

class AbstractQuery
Base class for queries.
class AbstractShaderProgram
Base for shader program implementations.
class AbstractTexture
Base for textures.
class Buffer
class Framebuffer
class Mesh
class Renderbuffer
class Shader
class TransformFeedback
Transform feedback.

Public static functions

static auto maxLabelLength() -> Int
Max object label length.

Function documentation

static Int Magnum::GL::AbstractObject::maxLabelLength()

Max object label length.

The result is cached, repeated queries don't result in repeated OpenGL calls. If OpenGL 4.3 / OpenGL ES 3.2 is not supported and KHR_debug desktop or ES extension (covered also by ANDROID_extension_pack_es31a) is not available, returns 0. Note that EXT_debug_label has no such limit.