Magnum::Text::MagnumFontConverter class

MagnumFont converter plugin.

Expects filename prefix, creates two files, prefix.conf and prefix.tga. See MagnumFont for more information about the font. The plugin requires the passed AbstractGlyphCache to be 2D, have a format compatible with the TgaImageConverter plugin and either not have GlyphCacheFeature::ImageProcessing or support both GlyphCacheFeature::ImageProcessing and ProcessedImageDownload. For a cache with multiple fonts, AbstractGlyphCache::findFont() is used to match the font with the passed instance.


This plugin depends on the Text library and the TgaImageConverter plugin. It is built if MAGNUM_WITH_MAGNUMFONTCONVERTER is enabled when building Magnum. To use as a dynamic plugin, load "MagnumFontConverter" via Corrade::PluginManager::Manager.

Additionally, if you're using Magnum as a CMake subproject, do the following:

add_subdirectory(magnum EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)

# So the dynamically loaded plugin gets built implicitly
add_dependencies(your-app Magnum::MagnumFontConverter)

To use as a static plugin or as a dependency of another plugin with CMake, you need to request the MagnumFontConverter component of the Magnum package and link to the Magnum::MagnumFontConverter target:

find_package(Magnum REQUIRED MagnumFontConverter)

# ...
target_link_libraries(your-app PRIVATE Magnum::MagnumFontConverter)

Because the plugin needs access to Trade::AbstractImageConverter plugins, you need to instantiate a manager for them and register it with Corrade::PluginManager::Manager::registerExternalManager():

PluginManager::Manager<Trade::AbstractImageConverter> imageConverterManager;
PluginManager::Manager<Text::AbstractFontConverter> fontConverterManager;

See Downloading and building, Usage with CMake and Loading and using plugins for more information.

Base classes

class AbstractFontConverter
Base for font converter plugins.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

MagnumFontConverter() explicit
Default constructor.
MagnumFontConverter(PluginManager::AbstractManager& manager, const std::string& plugin) explicit
Plugin manager constructor.