Examples » ImGui

Integration of Dear ImGui into Magnum.


Shows the Dear ImGui demo and two example windows which demonstrate rendering of immediate-mode GUI using the ImGuiIntegration library.


  • Mouse interaction with widgets and dragging windows
  • Keyboard for text input


This example originated from community projects by @denesik, Guillaume Jacquemin, Natesh Narain, @ShaddyDC and Tomáš Skřivan, which where integrated by Jonathan Hale. The example makes use of the ImGui library, see documentation of the ImGuiIntegration namespace for license information.


Full source code is linked below and also available in the magnum-examples GitHub repository. This example depends on the ImGuiIntegration library which is not a part of the core Magnum repository, see its documentation for usage instructions.

The ports branch contains additional patches for Emscripten support that aren't present in master in order to keep the example code as simple as possible.