Utilities » Magnum OpenAL Info

Displays information about Magnum OpenAL capabilities.

This utility is built if MAGNUM_WITH_AL_INFO is enabled when building Magnum. To use this utility with CMake, you need to request the al-info component of the Magnum package and use the Magnum::al-info target for example in a custom command:

find_package(Magnum REQUIRED al-info)

add_custom_command(OUTPUT ... COMMAND Magnum::al-info ...)

See Downloading and building, Usage with CMake and the Audio namespace for more information.


magnum-al-info [--magnum-...] [-h|--help] [-s|--short] [--extension-strings]


  • -h,--help — display this help message and exit
  • -s, --short — display just essential info and exit
  • --extension-strings — list all extension strings provided by the driver (implies --short)
  • --magnum-... — engine-specific options (see Command-line options for details)

Usage on Emscripten

When installing Magnum, point the MAGNUM_DEPLOY_PREFIX CMake variable to your webserver location. The Magnum Info utility is then available in a magnum-al-info/ subdirectory of given location. You can pass all command-line arguments from above to it via GET parameters. See the relevant section of the Emscripten guide for more information.

Example output

  |   Information about Magnum engine OpenAL capabilities   |

Audio Renderer: OpenAL Soft by OpenAL Community
OpenAL version: 1.1 ALSOFT 1.17.2
Available devices:
    OpenAL Soft
Current device: OpenAL Soft
Vendor extension support:
    AL_EXT_FLOAT32                                                SUPPORTED
    AL_EXT_DOUBLE                                                 SUPPORTED
    AL_EXT_ALAW                                                   SUPPORTED
    AL_EXT_MULAW                                                  SUPPORTED
    AL_EXT_MCFORMATS                                              SUPPORTED
    ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT                                           SUPPORTED
    ALC_SOFTX_HRTF                                                   -
    ALC_SOFT_HRTF                                                 SUPPORTED