Welcome to Python-flavored Magnum! Please note that, while already being rather stable, this functionality is still considered experimental and some APIs might get changed without preserving full backwards compatibility.

corrade.containers.MutableStridedArrayView1D class

Mutable one-dimensional array view with stride information


Equivalent to StridedArrayView1D, but implementing __setitem__() as well.

Special methods

def __bytes__(self, /) -> bytes
Convert to bytes
def __getitem__(self, arg0: slice, /) -> MutableStridedArrayView1D
Slice the view
def __getitem__(self, arg0: int, /) -> str
Value at given position
def __init__(self, /) -> None
Default constructor
def __init__(self, arg0: buffer, /) -> None
Construct from a buffer
def __len__(self, /) -> int
View size in the top-level dimension
def __setitem__(self, arg0: int, arg1: str, /) -> None
Set a value at given position


dimensions: int get
Dimension count
owner: object get
Memory owner object
size: typing.Tuple[int] get
View size in each dimension
stride: typing.Tuple[int] get
View stride in each dimension