Welcome to Python-flavored Magnum! Please note that, while already being rather stable, this functionality is still considered experimental and some APIs might get changed without preserving full backwards compatibility.

corrade.containers.StridedArrayView2D class

Two-dimensional array view with stride information


See StridedArrayView1D for more information.


def broadcasted(self, arg0: int, arg1: int, /) -> StridedArrayView2D
Broadcast a dimension
def flipped(self, arg0: int, /) -> StridedArrayView2D
Flip a dimension
def transposed(self, arg0: int, arg1: int, /) -> StridedArrayView2D
Transpose two dimensions

Special methods

def __bytes__(self, /) -> bytes
Convert to bytes
def __getitem__(self, arg0: slice, /) -> StridedArrayView2D
Slice the view
def __getitem__(self, arg0: int, /) -> StridedArrayView1D
Sub-view at given position
def __getitem__(self, arg0: typing.Tuple[slice, slice], /) -> StridedArrayView2D
Slice the view
def __getitem__(self, arg0: typing.Tuple[int, int], /) -> str
Value at given position
def __init__(self, /) -> None
Default constructor
def __init__(self, arg0: buffer, /) -> None
Construct from a buffer
def __len__(self, /) -> int
View size in the top-level dimension


dimensions: int get
Dimension count
owner: object get
Memory owner object
size: typing.Tuple[int, int] get
View size in each dimension
stride: typing.Tuple[int, int] get
View stride in each dimension