Corrade/Utility/Algorithms.h file new in 2020.06

Function Corrade::Utility::copy(), Corrade::Utility::flipInPlace()


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Utility


void copy(Containers::ArrayView<const void> src, Containers::ArrayView<void> dst) new in 2020.06
Copy an array view to another.
template<class T>
void copy(Containers::ArrayView<const T> src, Containers::ArrayView<T> dst) new in 2020.06
Copy an array view to another.
template<unsigned dimensions>
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView<dimensions, const char>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView<dimensions, char>& dst) new in 2020.06
Copy a strided array view to another.
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView1D<const char>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView1D<char>& dst) new in 2020.06
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView2D<const char>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView2D<char>& dst) new in 2020.06
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView3D<const char>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView3D<char>& dst) new in 2020.06
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView4D<const char>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView4D<char>& dst) new in 2020.06
template<unsigned dimensions, class T>
void copy(const Containers::StridedArrayView<dimensions, const T>& src, const Containers::StridedArrayView<dimensions, T>& dst) new in 2020.06
Copy a strided array view to another.
template<class To, class ToView = decltype(Implementation::arrayViewTypeFor(std::declval<To && >()))>
void copy(std::initializer_list<typename ToView::Type> src, To&& dst) new in Git master
Copy an initializer list to a view.
template<unsigned dimension, unsigned dimensions, class T>
void flipInPlace(const Containers::StridedArrayView<dimensions, T>& view) new in Git master
Flip given dimension of a view in-place.