Corrade/Utility/Endianness.h file

Namespace Corrade::Utility::Endianness.


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Utility
namespace Corrade::Utility::Endianness
Endianness-related functions.


template<class T>
auto swap(T value) -> T
Endian-swap bytes of given value.
template<class ... T>
void swapInPlace(T&... values) new in 2020.06
Endian-swap bytes of each argument in-place.
auto isBigEndian() -> bool constexpr
Whether actual system is Big-Endian.
template<class T>
auto bigEndian(T value) -> T
Convert number from or to Big-Endian.
template<class ... T>
void bigEndianInPlace(T&... values)
Convert values from or to Big-Endian in-place.
template<class T>
auto littleEndian(T value) -> T
Convert value from or to Little-Endian.
template<class ... T>
void littleEndianInPlace(T&... values)
Convert values from or to Little-Endian in-place.
auto fourCC(char a, char b, char c, char d) -> std::uint32_t constexpr new in 2020.06
Create a FourCC code.