Corrade/Utility/FormatStl.h file new in 2019.10

Function Corrade::Utility::formatString(), Corrade::Utility::formatInto(), STL std::string compatibility for Utility::format()

Including this header also allows you to use std::string in arguments to Utility::format(). A separate Corrade/Utility/FormatStlStringView.h header provides compatibility with std::string_view from C++17.


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Utility


template<class ... Args>
auto formatString(const char* format, const Args&... args) -> std::string
Format a string.
template<class ... Args>
auto formatInto(std::string& string, std::size_t offset, const char* format, const Args&... args) -> std::size_t
Format a string into an existing string.