Corrade::TestSuite::Compare::String class new in Git master

Pseudo-type for comparing two strings.

Compares the two strings, printing a line-by-line difference in case they are not the same, highlighting also changed line portions in case a difference between two standalone lines is less than a half of their size. Example usage and a potential output:

    "I'm Marvin.\n"
    "I'm here to answer your questions.\n"
    "Let's get started.",

Starting ChatbotTest with 1 test cases...
  FAIL [1] greeting() at …/testsuite-compare-string.cpp:57
        Strings chatbot.greet() and "Hello!\n" "I'm Marvin.\n" "I'm here to answer your questions.\n" "Let's get started." are different. Actual (+) vs expected (-):
        I'm Marvin.
       -I'm here to answer your questions.
       +I'm here to question your answers.
        Let's get started.
       +You're not here to tell me what to do.
       +I am.
Finished ChatbotTest with 1 errors out of 1 checks.

See Comparing with pseudo-types for more information.