Magnum::Platform::AndroidApplication::GLConfiguration class

OpenGL context configuration.


Double-buffered RGBA canvas with depth and stencil buffers.

Public functions

auto setVersion(GL::Version) -> GLConfiguration&
Set context version.
auto colorBufferSize() const -> Vector4i
Color buffer size.
auto setColorBufferSize(const Vector4i& size) -> GLConfiguration&
Set color buffer size.
auto depthBufferSize() const -> Int
Depth buffer size.
auto setDepthBufferSize(Int size) -> GLConfiguration&
Set depth buffer size.
auto stencilBufferSize() const -> Int
Stencil buffer size.
auto setStencilBufferSize(Int size) -> GLConfiguration&
Set stencil buffer size.

Function documentation

GLConfiguration& Magnum::Platform::AndroidApplication::GLConfiguration::setVersion(GL::Version)

Set context version.

GLConfiguration& Magnum::Platform::AndroidApplication::GLConfiguration::setColorBufferSize(const Vector4i& size)

Set color buffer size.

Default is {8, 8, 8, 8} (8-bit-per-channel RGBA).

GLConfiguration& Magnum::Platform::AndroidApplication::GLConfiguration::setDepthBufferSize(Int size)

Set depth buffer size.

Default is 24 bits.

GLConfiguration& Magnum::Platform::AndroidApplication::GLConfiguration::setStencilBufferSize(Int size)

Set stencil buffer size.

Default is 0 bits (i.e., no stencil buffer).