template<UnsignedInt dimensions, class T>
Magnum::SceneGraph::AbstractTransformation class

Base for transformations.

Provides transformation implementation for Object instances. See Polymorphic access to object transformation for more information.

Explicit template specializations

The following specializations are explicitly compiled into SceneGraph library. For other specializations (e.g. using Double type) you have to use Object.hpp implementation file to avoid linker errors. See Template headers and implementation files for more information.

Derived classes

template<UnsignedInt dimensions, class T, class TranslationType = T>
class AbstractTranslation
Base transformation for two-dimensional scenes supporting translation.

Public types

enum (anonymous): UnsignedInt { Dimensions = dimensions }
using Type = T
Underlying floating-point type.

Public functions

auto resetTransformation() -> AbstractTransformation<dimensions, T>&
Reset object transformation.

Protected functions

void doResetTransformation() pure virtual
Polymorphic implementation for resetTransformation()

Enum documentation

template<UnsignedInt dimensions, class T>
enum Magnum::SceneGraph::AbstractTransformation<dimensions, T>::(anonymous): UnsignedInt


Dimension count

Function documentation

template<UnsignedInt dimensions, class T>
AbstractTransformation<dimensions, T>& Magnum::SceneGraph::AbstractTransformation<dimensions, T>::resetTransformation()

Reset object transformation.

Returns Reference to self (for method chaining)