Magnum::Shaders::VertexColorGL::Configuration class new in Git master


Public functions

auto flags() const -> Flags
auto setFlags(Flags flags) -> Configuration&
Set flags.
auto drawCount() const -> UnsignedInt
Draw count.
auto setDrawCount(UnsignedInt drawCount) -> Configuration&
Set draw count.

Function documentation

Configuration& Magnum::Shaders::VertexColorGL::Configuration::setFlags(Flags flags)

Set flags.

No flags are set by default.

Configuration& Magnum::Shaders::VertexColorGL::Configuration::setDrawCount(UnsignedInt drawCount)

Set draw count.

If Flag::UniformBuffers is set, describes size of a TransformationProjectionUniform2D / TransformationProjectionUniform3D buffer bound with bindTransformationProjectionBuffer(); as uniform buffers are required to have a statically defined size. The draw offset is then set via setDrawOffset(). Default value is 1.

If Flag::UniformBuffers isn't set, this value is ignored.