Magnum::Vk::InstanceExtension class new in Git master

Run-time information about a Vulkan instance extension.

Encapsulates runtime information about a Vulkan extension, such as name string, minimal required Vulkan version and version in which the extension was adopted to core.

See also the Extensions namespace, which contain compile-time information about Vulkan extensions.

Public static functions

static auto extensions(Version version) -> Containers::ArrayView<const InstanceExtension>
All known instance extensions for given Vulkan version.

Constructors, destructors, conversion operators

template<class E, class = typename std::enable_if<Implementation::IsInstanceExtension<E>::value>::type>
InstanceExtension(const E&) constexpr
Construct from a compile-time instance extension.

Public functions

auto index() const -> std::size_t constexpr
Internal unique extension index.
auto requiredVersion() const -> Version constexpr
Minimal version required by this extension.
auto coreVersion() const -> Version constexpr
Version in which this extension was adopted to core.
auto string() const -> Containers::StringView constexpr
Extension string.

Function documentation

Containers::StringView Magnum::Vk::InstanceExtension::string() const constexpr

Extension string.

The returned view is a global memory.