Examples » WebXR new in 2020.06

Basic WebXR application.


This example is a basic demonstration of how to use the Emscripten WebXR library with Magnum.

For the full experience, this example requires a WebXR 1.0 capable browser and a VR headset. Before Chrome 79 or Oculus Browser 7.0 you may need to enable WebXR support explicitly on your browser — on Chrome go into chrome://flags and search for WebXR. Works on Android as well.

Note that there is also a Oculus VR example and a Leap Motion example.


  • Mouse click — enter VR
  • Esc — exit VR


This example was originally contributed by Jonathan Hale from Vhite Rabbit.


Full source code is linked below and together with assets also available in the magnum-examples GitHub repository. This example uses the Platform::EmscriptenApplication which is not enabled by default in all cases, see its documentation for usage instructions.