Utilities » Magnum Player

Advanced app for loading and playing back scene files.


This app is built if WITH_PLAYER is enabled when building Magnum Extras. To use this app with CMake, you need to request the player component of the MagnumExtras package and use the MagnumExtras::player target for example in a custom command:

find_package(MagnumExtras REQUIRED player)

add_custom_command(OUTPUT ... COMMAND MagnumExtras::player ...)


  • Space plays or pauses the animation
  • arrow keys seek the animation forward or backward
  • mouse drag rotates the scene around the cursor
  • Shift mouse drag pans the scene at depth of the cursor
  • mouse wheel zooms in/out relative to cursor position
  • Num 1 / Ctrl Num 1 switches to a front / back view
  • Num 3 / Ctrl Num 3 switches to a right / left view
  • Num 7 / Ctrl Num 7 switches to a top / bottom view
  • Num 0 resets the camera back to the original view


magnum-player [--magnum-...] [-h|--help] [--importer IMPORTER] \
    [--no-merge-animations] [--msaa N] [--] file


  • file — file to load
  • -h, --help — display this help message and exit
  • --importer IMPORTER — importer plugin to use (default: TinyGltfImporter)
  • --no-merge-animations — don't merge glTF animations into a single clip
  • --msaa N — MSAA level to use (if not set, defaults to 8x or 2x for HiDPI)
  • --magnum-... — engine-specific options (see Command-line options for details)


The screenshot was made using the Littlest Tokyo model by Glen Fox, licensed under the CC 4.0 Attribution license.