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State of Vulkan support, version and extension requirements.

The following table maps Vulkan function names to Magnum API, useful for developers with existing Vulkan background. Note that, as reverse mapping, each function documentation also contains list of Vulkan functions used. You can also use the search functionality to find out which Vulkan API corresponds to which Magnum function, class or enum value. Just enter name of an Vulkan function, define or GLSL name into the search box.

State of implementation of particular Vulkan versions and extensions is in the following table.

While not as bad as with OpenGL, neither the Vulkan driver world is ideal. In order to work on majority of platforms, the engine has to work around some driver bugs. An exhaustive list is here:

Version and extension requirements

The engine can work on unextended Vulkan 1.0, but some specific functionality has greater requirements. Following are lists of features requiring specific Vulkan version. In most cases it is also specified which extension is required, so if a particular driver supports the required extension, it doesn't need to have required Vulkan version too (e.g. KHR_sampler_mirror_clamp_to_edge is usually supported everywhere, even if the drivers don't have Vulkan 1.2).