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Released 2018-05-01, tagged as v2018.04.

Dependency changes

  • Building for Android now requires CMake 3.7 with builtin Android crosscompilation support, the old toolchains were removed. Only the Clang and libc++ toolchain is now supported, support for GCC and libstdc++ was dropped, as it was still missing some important C++11 functionality. See Crosscompiling for Android for more information.

Changes and improvements

Build system

  • Homebrew macOS packages were updated to install the stable version by default
  • Fixed the Debian package after introducing SOVERSION to all libraries (see mosra/magnum#237)
  • Fixed the Debian package to not include a revision. While just a warning on Ubuntu, it's a hard error on Debian. (See mosra/corrade#44.)


Released 2018-02-15, tagged as v2018.02. See the release announcement for a high-level overview.

Dependency changes

New features

Changes and improvements

Build system

  • Continuous testing for Linux, macOS, Windows MSVC, Windows MinGW, Windows RT, iOS, Android and Emscripten on Travis CI and AppVeyor CI, with code coverage on; replacing the unmaintained and outdated Jenkins configuration
  • Support for CMake subprojects. You can now clone Magnum Plugins into a subdirectory in your project and add it using add_subdirectory(). The find_package() command will then use the CMake subproject instead of looking for it in system-wide locations.
  • Reworked CMake buildsystem to use the new imported target workflow, see Integration library usage with CMake for more information
  • CMake targets are now organized in folders for better development experience in IDEs such as Visual Studio or Xcode
  • Added a Homebrew package
  • MACOSX_RPATH is now enabled by default on CMake 3.0+
  • FindMagnumIntegration.cmake now properly handles Bullet installations with both debug and release libraries (see mosra/magnum-integration#14)
  • Fixed static BulletIntegration libraries being treated as dynamic (see mosra/magnum-integration#16)
  • Enabling only C++ in CMake project() call, if possible, to speed up initial CMake run

Bug fixes

Deprecated APIs

Potential compatibility breakages, removed APIs

No APIs were removed since last release.


Changelogs for previous versions are available in Archived integration changelogs.