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 Getting startedGet started with Magnum in matter of minutes
 Downloading and buildingGuide how to download and build Magnum on different platforms
 Downloading and building pluginsGuide how to download and build plugins for Magnum engine
 Downloading and building integration librariesGuide how to download and build integration libraries for Magnum engine
 Downloading and building examplesGuide how to download and build examples for Magnum engine
 Downloading and building extrasGuide how to download and build extras for Magnum engine
 Usage with CMakeGuide how to find and use Magnum with CMake build system
 Plugin usage with CMakeGuide how to find and use static Magnum plugins with CMake build system
 Integration library usage with CMakeGuide how to find and use Magnum integration libraries with CMake build system
 Extras library usage with CMakeGuide how to find and use Magnum Extras with CMake build system
 Feature overviewFundamental principles and design goals
 Platform supportIntegration into windowing toolkits and creation of windowless contexts
 Type systemType aliases, naming and compatibility with OpenGL and GLSL types
 Operations with matrices and vectorsIntroduction to essential classes of the graphics pipeline
 2D and 3D transformationsIntroduction to essential operations on vectors and points
 Loading and using pluginsExtending Magnum with additional functionality
 OpenGL wrapping layerOverview of the base OpenGL wrapper API
 Builtin shadersOverview and basic usage of builtin shaders
 Using scene graphOverview of scene management capabilities
 Collision detectionCollection of simple shapes for high performance collision detection
 Debugging helpersConvenience classes to help you during development
 ExamplesLearn by examples to get started as soon as possible
 Your first triangleBasic rendering with builtin shaders
 PrimitivesImporting mesh data, 3D transformations and input handling
 Textured triangleImporting image data, texturing and custom shaders
 Model viewerScene graph, resource manager and model importing
 Tips and tricksHints for better productivity and performance
 Method chainingLittle feature helping to reduce typing and encourage best practices
 Writing portable applicationsHow to support different platforms and different OpenGL capabilities within one codebase
 Best practices, pitfalls and platform-specific informationPerformance advices and solutions for platform-specific issues
 Speeding up compilationTechniques for reducing compilation times
 TroubleshootingVarious tricks to overcome common building and rendering issues
 UtilitiesCommand-line utilities for system information and data conversion
 Magnum InfoDisplays information about Magnum engine and OpenGL capabilities
 Magnum OpenAL InfoDisplays information about Magnum OpenAL capabilities
 Distance Field conversion utilityConverts red channel of an image to distance field representation
 Font conversion utilityConverts font to raster one of given atlas size
 Image conversion utilityConverts images of different formats
 OpenGLState of OpenGL support, version and extension requirements
 OpenGL command mappingList of OpenGL commands corresponding to particular Magnum API
 OpenGL support stateList of (un)supported OpenGL features and extensions
 Deprecated OpenGL API list
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 3.0
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 3.1
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 3.2
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 3.3
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.0
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.1
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.2
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.3
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.4
 Functionality requiring OpenGL 4.5
 Functionality requiring specific OpenGL extension
 Functionality requiring desktop OpenGL
 Functionality requiring OpenGL ES 2.0 or WebGL 1.0
 Functionality requiring OpenGL ES 3.0
 Functionality requiring OpenGL ES 3.1
 Functionality requiring specific OpenGL ES extension
 Functionality requiring OpenGL ES or desktop OpenGL
 Functionality requiring WebGL 2.0
 Functionality requiring specific WebGL extension
 OpenALState of OpenAL support, version and extension requirements
 OpenAL support stateList of (un)supported OpenAL features and extensions
 Functionality requiring specific OpenAL extension
 Debug output operators for custom types
 Configuration value parsers and writers for custom types
 Deprecated list
 Coding styleCoding style and best practices to preserve maintainability and consistent style across whole project
 Plugins changelog
 Integration changelog
 Extras changelog
 Examples changelog