Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NMagnumRoot namespace
 NAudioAudio playback
 NExtensionsCompile-time information about OpenAL extensions
 NBulletIntegrationIntegration with Bullet Physics
 NDebugToolsDebug tools
 NExtensionsCompile-time information about OpenGL extensions
 NMathMath library
 NGeometryGeometry library
 NDistanceFunctions for calculating distances
 NIntersectionFunction for calculating intersections
 NLiteralsMath literals
 NMeshToolsMesh tools
 NOpenDdlOpenDDL parser
 NValidationOpenDDL document validation
 NOvrIntegrationIntegration with the Oculus SDK (LibOVR)
 NPlatformPlatform-specific application and context creation
 NPrimitivesPrimitive library
 NSceneGraphScene graph library
 NShadersBuiltin shaders
 NShapesShape library
 NTextText rendering
 NTextureToolsTexture tools
 NTradeData format exchange
 NOpenGexOpenGEX structure and property names
 NUiUI library