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State of OpenGL support, version and extension requirements.

The following table maps OpenGL function names to Magnum API, useful for developers with existing OpenGL background. Note that, as reverse mapping, each function documentation also contains list of OpenGL functions used.

State of implementation of particular OpenGL versions and extensions is in the following table.

Some OpenGL APIs are marked as deprecated, as they are superseded by newer functionality. You may still need to use them to support older hardware, but in general they should be avoided.

Version and extension requirements

The engine requires at least OpenGL 2.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0, but some specific functionality has greater requirements. Following are lists of features requiring specific OpenGL version. In most cases it is also specified which extension is required, so if given hardware supports required extension, it doesn't need to have required OpenGL version too (e.g. ARB_vertex_array_object is supported on older Intel GPUs even if they are capable of OpenGL 2.1 only).