Corrade/Utility/DebugStlStringView.h file new in Git master

STL std::string_view compatibility for Corrade::Utility::Debug.

Including this header allows you to use a C++17 std::string_view with Corrade::Utility::Debug. A separate Corrade/Utility/DebugStl.h header provides compatibility with std::string or std::tuple. See Printing STL types for more information.


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Utility


auto operator<<(Debug& debug, std::string_view value) -> Debug& new in Git master
Print a std::string_view to debug output.
template<class T>
auto operator<<(Debug& debug, std::basic_string_view<T> value) -> Debug& new in Git master
Print a std::basic_string_view to debug output.