Corrade/Utility/Debug.h file

Class Corrade::Utility::Debug, Corrade::Utility::Warning, Corrade::Utility::Error, Corrade::Utility::Fatal.


namespace Corrade
Root namespace.
namespace Corrade::Utility


class Corrade::Utility::Debug
Debug output handler.
class Corrade::Utility::Warning
Warning output handler.
class Corrade::Utility::Error
Error output handler.
class Corrade::Utility::Fatal
Fatal output handler.


auto operator!(Implementation::DebugSourceLocation debug) -> Debug& new in 2020.06
Prefix the output with source location.
template<class T>
auto operator<<(Debug& debug, const T& value) -> Debug&
Operator for printing custom types to debug output.
template<class Iterable>
auto operator<<(Debug& debug, const Iterable& value) -> Debug&
Operator for printing iterable types to debug output.
template<class T, class U>
auto operator<<(Debug& debug, const std::pair<T, U>& value) -> Debug&
Print a std::pair to debug output.


#define CORRADE_UTILITY_DEBUG_HAS_SOURCE_LOCATION deprecated in Git master
Source location support in debug output.

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