template<class T>
Corrade::Utility::ConfigurationGroup::BasicGroupIterator class new in Git master

Base for configuration group iterators.

Used through the GroupIterator / MutableGroupIterator typedefs and returned when iterating ConfigurationGroup::groups(). See Iteration through groups and values for more information.

Public functions

auto operator*() const -> Containers::Pair<Containers::StringView, Containers::Reference<T>>
Dereference the iterator.
auto operator==(const BasicGroupIterator<T>& other) const -> bool
Equality comparison.
auto operator!=(const BasicGroupIterator<T>& other) const -> bool
Non-equality comparison.
auto operator++() -> BasicGroupIterator<T>&
Increment the iterator.
auto operator++(int) -> BasicGroupIterator<T>
Post-increment the iterator.

Function documentation

template<class T>
Containers::Pair<Containers::StringView, Containers::Reference<T>> Corrade::Utility::ConfigurationGroup::BasicGroupIterator<T>::operator*() const

Dereference the iterator.

Returns a pair of a group name and a (mutable or const) ConfigurationGroup reference. The string view is owned by the originating ConfigurationGroup, isn't guaranteed to be Containers::StringViewFlag::NullTerminated and may get invalidated when groups are added or removed. The group reference is invalidated only if given group is removed.