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Changes since 2019.01

New features

Build system

  • ES 2.0 and ES 3.0 subset of tests requiring GL context is now run on Travis CI using SwiftShader for better code coverage


Released 2019-02-04, tagged as v2019.01.

Dependency changes

  • Minimal supported GCC version is now 4.8.1, GCC 4.7 is not supported anymore. Minimal Clang version is now 3.3, since that's the first version with a complete C++11 support. See also mosra/magnum#274.
  • Minimal supported CMake version is now 3.1. Older versions are not supported anymore and all workarounds for them were removed. Download a prebuilt release of a newer version if you need to use Corrade on older systems (such as Ubuntu 14.04 or Debian 8). See also mosra/magnum#274.


Released 2018-10-23, tagged as v2018.10.

New features

Changes and improvements

  • Ui::UserInterface can now take an explicit framebuffer size parameter for more flexibility when rendering on HiDPI screens or in VR.
  • Ui::UserInterface can now take an external font plugin mananger to work better together with code that does text rendering on its own
  • It's now possible to change style of a Ui::Modal as well

Build system

Bug fixes


Released 2018-05-01, tagged as v2018.04.

Dependency changes

  • Building for Android now requires CMake 3.7 with builtin Android crosscompilation support, the old toolchains were removed. Only the Clang and libc++ toolchain is now supported, support for GCC and libstdc++ was dropped, as it was still missing some important C++11 functionality. See Crosscompiling for Android for more information.

Build system

  • Fixed the Debian package after introducing SOVERSION to all libraries (see mosra/magnum#237)
  • By mistake it was not possible to control static build of the Ui library independently on the core Magnum libraries
  • Homebrew macOS packages were updated to install the stable version by default
  • Fixed the Debian package to not include a revision. While just a warning on Ubuntu, it's a hard error on Debian. (See mosra/corrade#44.)


Released 2018-02-15, tagged as v2018.02. See the release announcement for a high-level overview.

New features

  • MSVC 2015 and MSVC 2017 support in master branch
  • ANGLE ES2/ES3 support, ability to create desktop GLES contexts on Windows
  • Windows Phone/Store support via ANGLE
  • iOS support
  • WebAssembly support when building for Emscripten
  • WebGL 2.0 support
  • New experimental Ui library

Build system

Deprecated APIs


  • New documentation theme powered by m.css and related massive updates of everything
  • The Downloading and building extras documentation now prefers package installation instead of manual build